Thailand Yacht Charter


The base for sailing the Andaman Sea, Phuket in Thailand is surrounded with hundreds of stunning islands, crystal blue waters, and abundant marine life to discover. It is the ideal point from which to enjoy an unforgettable tropical sailing adventure – a true maritime gem, hundreds of options for anchorage and island hopping are yours for the taking onboard Lamima.

Located northwest off Phuket is The Similan Islands, which is a group of 9 stunning islands covered with dense tropical jungle. The islands became a marine reserve in 1982, when it was created into the Mu Koh Similan National Park. Serving to protect the region’s natural resources, its dramatic underwater seascapes have been regarded as one of the finest diving locations in the entire world.

Found southeast off Phuket are the majestic islands of Phi Phi. Its stunning white sand, limestone geographical structures that rise to the sky, and its unbelievable turquoise blue waters make for the picture-perfect setting of a true tropical paradise. Excellent for an overnight stay on the waters or a lunchtime stop on its pristine white sand beaches, its rich coral reefs also make for an unforgettable diving or snorkeling session.

Lamima will take you to an unforgettable sailing journey to enjoy the large number of scenic anchorages that are truly exceptional. With incredible geography, all-year pleasant weather, rugged uninhabited and pristine islands, crystal clear blue waters, a diverse marine life, and one of the friendliest people on earth, Thailand is a true tropical vacation’s dream come to life.

The itinerary if you are looking to discover the best of unspoiled islands, beaches, culture and people.

Bali – Komodo – Alor Luxury Cruising Yacht


INDONESIA’S eastern islands, known collectively as Nusa Tenggara, stretch from the western island of Lombok to Timor in the east. Here the region is markedly different from the rest of the country. The climate is drier and more evocative of Australia than of tropical Bali. Komodo, hilly and desolate, is sandwiched between Flores and Sumbawa islands and has only one village, Kampung Komodo, a Bugis fishing settlement on its eastern shore.

Dolphins are a common sight in the seas between Komodo and Flores and the area is also on a Whale migration route. The reefs offer good snorkelling and some of the best diving in Indonesia, especially with Manta Rays. Buffalo, Deer, Wild Pigs and Birdlife are all plentiful on land but the most remarkable attraction is its endangered monitor lizards, Varanus Komodoensis.

The Komodo Island monitors, known also as ‘Komodo Dragons’ or ‘ora’ are the largest living lizards on Earth and found only on Komodo, Rinca, and Western Flores islands. An average adult can measure up to 3 meters long and weigh 136 kilograms but despite its size can move quickly on the ground and is an agile swimmer and climber. These lizards have a dark gray, stocky body and stout, powerful legs with sharply clawed feet. Their heads are large and their long, forked tongues are used to sense the air following the scent of prey which consists of wild pigs, deer, water buffalo, goats, birds, and other monitors.